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Heckman Glass Masters Warranty & FAQ's

Here at Heckman, we guarantee our service repairs and products!

  • What auto glass repair warranty do you offer?
    Our Windshield repairs are warranted against spreading for the life of the vehicle (subject to the limitations answeres below. The applicable deductible for the new windshield will be the vehicle owner’s responsibility. Our goal is to always get the job done the first time. However, if due to any workmanship your windshield crack spreads after being serviced, we have you covered!
  • What is your auto glass replacement part warranty?
    All auto glass replacementsare warranted for one year against defects of workmanship and defects in material. Replacement of fixed glass parts (those that do not operate) are warranted until the ownership of the vehicle changes against air or water leakage. All operating parts within movable glass installations are warranted for 30 days against mechanical failure. Glass breakage that is not the result of the installation (i.e. that which occurs as a result of vehicle collision damage, panel deterioration (rust), etc.) is not warranted.
  • Are there any limitations or exclusions to your warranties?
    While we will always due our best to assist our customers even outside or warranty, the length of any warranty provided as described above, expire with change of ownership of the identified vehicle.
  • What responsibility does the owner of the vehicle have?
    To exercise your rights under this warranty, contact the service center where the work was originally performed.
  • Are auto glass repairs and replacements covered under my insurance policy?
    If you have a comprehensive auto insurance policy, most likely you are covered! Often, comprehensive insurance plans waive the deductible for windshield repair entirely. For auto glass replacement, customers with comprehensive coverage are responsible for paying their deductible while their insurance company is billed for the remaining balance. If you have auto insurance or are unsure if your coverage applies towards the cost of auto glass repair or replacement, contact Heckman Glass Masters today at (619) 588-9000 and a trained customer service representative will help answer your questions regarding your policy’s coverage.
  • Do I have options when it comes to paying my insurance deductable?
    Yes! Heckman Glass Masters values insurance customers! We make payment easy by accepting cash, checks and all major credit cards including Visa, Master Card, American Express, and Discover. Let us show you how simple it is to get your car back on the road and looking good by calling one of our trained customer service representatives at (619) 588-9000.
  • Will my auto insurance rates go up if I make an auto glass repair claim?
    Usually not! Many insurance companies do not count damaged glass as a claim against your policy. Most glass damage is covered through comprehensive and generally does not affect your monthly rate. Each individual policy varies. Compare your policy or check with your insurance agent for specific details. As always, Heckman Glass Masters is committed to making the process as painless as possible. Let us help you sort it all out! Call Heckman Glass Masters at (619) 588-9000.
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