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ADAS Windshield Camera Calibration

 Enhanced Vehicle Systems Require Experienced Auto Glass Professionals


What Exactly Is Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) & Windshield Camera Calibration?

In simple terms, Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) work as a camera that is mounted to a windshield. If your windshield is being replaced, it is an important requirement that the camera is calibrated properly and set to its original OEM settings for your safety. Otherwise, the ADAS systems in your vehicle such as Lane Keep Assist, Lane Departure Warning System, Forward Collision Alert, CMBS, and Adaptive Cruise Control will not work correctly. We make sure after replacing your windshield, your ADAS Systems gets Calibrated correctly.

What Is The Importance of ADAS Systems and How Does ADAS Calibration Work?

As part of the Auto Glass Safety Council, we have provided some informative videos that properly explain the importance of getting your ADAS Systems recalibrated after a Windshield Repair.

Heckman Glass Masters provides Static and Dynamic Calibration services after your Windshield Replacement is completed! We ,make sure all sensors tied to your ADAS System is working properly. Call Us today for more information!

ADAS Systems - What Are The Different Types?

What Are The Types Of Calibration?

Static Calibration

Static calibration takes place in a specialized setting where the car isn’t moved. Using highly sensitive equipment such as a Camera and Sensor Calibration Tool and leveled flooring, our experts are able to perform calibration in one location. The process takes a short while, and the vehicle’s internal processer inputs data changes and recalibrates itself to optimal levels according to OEM Specifications.

Dynamic Calibration

Dynamic Calibration is one using a device that a technician plugs directly into your vehicle. With the device plugged in, the technician then drives your vehicle at a manufacturer-designated speed over a defined distance, which calibrates the ADAS systems. During this Claribriation, the systems learn to react and respond to issues and occurrences on the road, which helps keep you safe while you drive your vehicle.

Let Heckman Glass Masters Help!

Our certified auto glass ADAS techs can help you choose the right Calibration for your vehicle. Many Auto Glass Windshields have sensors that need to be Calibrated properly to ensure your safety when a new Windshield is installed. Let Heckman Glass Masters help you through the process and determine if you need one or both Calibrations done on your vehicle.

WInshield Camera and ADAS Calibration.jpeg

How Does Calibration Affect My Windshield Servicing?

If we determine here at Heckman Glass Masters that your car’s windshield replacement requires the ADAS system to be calibrated, you may need to leave your vehicle at our Auto Glass Shop for the repair.  If a Mobile Auto Glass ADAS calibration can be done, then can perform dynamic calibrations at your location, but static calibrations require this service to be completed at one of our Auto Glass Shop. One thing you can be certain is that our ADAS Calibration Services are fast and affordable. Give us a call today to schedule a free consultation on you Windshield Repair and ADAS Calibration Service!

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